Officers and Vice Chairs commit to a two-year term of service to the ACCDC and then are up for re-election during the November meeting each year.

The following are brief descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each officer and subcommittee vice chair:



  • Provide strategic vision for the ACCDC.
  • To establish and maintain communications with ACC Officials to promote the ACCDC Platform.
  • To establish and maintain communications with County Chairs in District 9 and District 10.  To unify and coordinate efforts within the Districts to promote Candidates, provide volunteers and support Democratic programs.
  • To maintain communications with the DPG.  Bringing issues to the Committee which need to be discussed and acted upon.
  • To promote the ACCDC Platform at community events and promoting Democratic values.
  • To provide support and guidance to Vice Chairs.
  • To work with ACCDC Secretary and Treasurer to maintain records.
  • To Chair monthly Committee meetings and Exec. Committee meetings.
  • To open and maintain an ACCDC office during an election year.
  • To implement one large fundraiser during an election year.


  • Take minutes at monthly ACCDC Exec meeting and share with the Exec Committee.
  • Take minutes at monthly ACCDC meeting.
  • Create upcoming month’s agenda.
  • Send previous month’s minutes and current month’s agenda with ACCDC members via MailChimp at least ten days prior to ACCDC meeting.
  • Update bylaws when amended.
  • Conduct caucus elections every two years.


  • Maintain accurate up-to-date records of all income received by the committee.
  • Maintain accurate up-to-date records of all expenditures by the committee.
  • Provide a financial report, written or otherwise, at scheduled meetings or upon request.
  • Provide open access to this financial information if so desired by any individual or group within the committee.
  • Collect annual dues from the members of the committee.
  • Manage the committee bank account and other auxiliary accounts (such as PayPal and ActBlue) through which all funds received and dispersed must be noted in the financial transactions of these accounts.
  • Perform other duties as designated by the executive committee of ACCDC.



  • Managing the “Classic City Democrat” recurring / monthly contribution program
  • Recruiting new Classic City Democrats
  • Ensuring Classic City Democrats receive their designated benefits (t-shirts, buttons, etc.)
  • Organizing 1-2 unique fundraising events per year
  • Maintaining the Committee’s ActBlue account
  • Recruiting and Chairing the Fundraising Subcommittee
  • Attending monthly full Committee and Executive Committee meetings
  • Supporting the Chair and colleagues on the Executive Committee as requested and necessary

To get involved in candidate development, contact ACCDC


Ideally the Candidate Development Committee consists of three subcommittees, each with a deputy in charge of it. The Vice-chair finds the deputies, keeps track of what each committee is doing, and reports back to the Executive Committee. The VC is to be a liaison between the subcommittees and offer help.

The subcommittees are:
– Candidate Development, which is devoted to the tasks of recruiting, vetting, and supporting candidates. Supporting candidates includes the overseeing and upkeep of a campaign volunteer database and implementing candidate training initiatives for current and potential candidates.
– Research, which conducts research on elected offices, districts and incumbents, to assist in Democratic campaigns.
– Government Relations, which cultivates and maintains relationships with current Democratic office-holders.

We’d like for Democrats in office be members of ACCDC, have a good relationship with ACCDC and be aware of its activities. The deputy for Government Relations will go to official meetings open to the public and get to know Democratic office holders, including their views and records as elected officials. If appropriate, the Government Relations deputy will encourage elected officials to run for higher office.

Support provided to candidates can include:

  • Help with understanding the qualifying requirements,
  • Creating resource pools for campaigns
  • Providing research for a candidate’s particular race
  • Helping to connect candidates with all kinds of resources that might be available to help them, including individuals to help their campaign
  • Providing training

*This job can take anywhere from 2 hours a week to 20, depending on how much the VC is doing and how effective they are at recruiting volunteers and delegating tasks.

To get involved in communications for ACCDC, contact

Responsibilities include:

  • Determine a budget for the ACCDC Communication Strategy (either assigned by the Chair or determined in conjunction with the Chair and other Officers)
  • Based on that budget, develop and implement an ACCDC communication strategy (or execute a strategy already in place) to serve as a guide for the ACCDC in general and ACCDC Communications activity specifically
  • Create or update an ACCDC Platform based on the national platform but customized to meet the concerns of Athens-Clarke County and make it available in print and digital form (also have translated into Spanish if possible)
  • Ensure ACCDC messaging continuity across all media channels
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local media and local and state wide stakeholder groups
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the ACCDC when the Chair is not available to do so
  • Work with local stakeholder groups to help spread a coordinated message statewide
  • Draft press releases and other media outreach materials as needed
  • Script verbal messages (talking points and responses to developing issues) as needed on behalf of ACCDC for other officers to use
  • Work with elected stakeholders and leaders to take advantage of press opportunities
  • Maintain and update media lists
  • Monitor local and national press for relevant stories and developments (ideally guidance on what ACCDC should focus on will come from the Chair)
  • Manage a social media strategy in line with the overall ACCDC communication strategy
  • Ensure an optimized ACCDC website with engaging inbound content, updated news, events, and resources
  • Manage a communications team to execute monthly and weekly tasks

Monthly/Weekly Tasks include:

  • Update and optimize Mailchimp and any contact/subscriber database used by ACCDC
  • Compile content, layout, edit, and send out bimonthly eNewsletter
  • Send out other automated and/or direct emails as requested
  • Create digital and/or print ads and brochures or flyers as needed
  • Update Website
  • Post to ACCDC Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, eventually LinkedIn
  • Provide interdepartmental support of Chairs
  • Submit upcoming events and announcements as needed to local media outlets and their calendars: The Flagpole, Red and Black, Online Athens, Connect 2 Athens
  • Compile and deliver a Communications Report at the ACCDC monthly meeting
  • Attend the ACCDC Executive Committee monthly meeting


  • Athens Area Democrats Breakfast – Work with the Oconee Democrats to create a program to be held on the 2nd Saturday each month.  Bring in speakers that are either Democrats, local officials or individuals who can present topics of interest, (i.e., climate change, medical marijuana, health care, etc.).  Work with a local restaurant or caterer.
  • First Fridays – Held on the first Friday each month during the Summer.  Provide ACCDC support with volunteers and supplies.  Speaking and promoting ACCDC to parents and community attendees.
  • Monthly Happy Hour – coordinated with other Vice Chairs.
  • Create programs to promote the ACCDC in the community. (i.e., school volunteers, library reading/story times, community service needs, etc.)
  • Assist VC – Special Projects on creating and implementing single event programs, (i.e., meet & greets, picnics, fundraisers, etc.).
  • Assist Exec. Committee Vice Chairs as needed.
  • Attend Monthly Committee and Exec. Committee meetings and report on upcoming events and programs.


The Vice Chair of Affirmative Action position involves an active, sustained networking and outreach into diverse communities of Clarke County to achieve that goal. Building relationships takes time, persistence, and openness.

The Vice Chair of Affirmative Action would be responsible for overseeing the ACCDC Affirmative Action Committee.

This committee could have subcommittees devoted to outreach into different parts of the ACC community, with a deputy in charge of each subcommittee. Ideally, the deputy in charge of outreach into a particular demographic would be of that demographic,
for example, African-American Outreach, Latinx Outreach and even Youth Outreach (since the youth are our future!).

The Platform committee drafts our yearly platform.

Reach out to if you are interested in joining the ACCDC!