We invite all Democrats who are registered to vote in Athens-Clarke County to attend the July 21 6pm meeting at the ACC Library at 2025 Baxter Street. This will be an exciting meeting that will include electing new “Post Holders” (voting members) via Caucus & electing our State Convention Delegates via Caucus! Please direct any questions you may have to contact@athensclarkedems.com

Mask required. Due to the high number of cases, the local mandate requires masks to enter the library.

*Post Seat Holder Caucus Details: The Republican redistricting/gerrymandering of local commission districts not only confused many voters, but it required us to hold new elections for voting members of the ACCDC. Though we normally don’t have July meetings, state DPG rules require us to conduct this now. If you would like to become or remain a voting member, which we term as a “post seat holder,” please attend the July 21 meeting and fill out this form to nominate yourself. If you are unable to attend, please fill out the nomination form to nominate yourself by 5pm on June 21 and you can still be included in the caucus.

*State Convention Delegate Caucus
We will also hold a caucus to determine delegates for the state convention. These are the Democrats who will officially represent Athens-Clarke County at the Georgia Democratic Convention and have the important responsibility of voting on the Democratic nominees, the Georgia Democratic platform, and other important work.
Two votes will be held at this time for the state delegate caucus. The first caucus voted will consist of elected committee members/post seat holders voting for half of the allotted delegates and half of the alternates. The second caucus vote will consist of the general public electing the remaining half of delegates and alternates. You do not have to be an elected committee member/post seat holder to run for a delegate spot. You simply need to be a registered voter of the county and you must physically reside in the county. To participate, one must sign the Georgia State Convention Delegate & Delegate Elector Affidavit.

The State Convention will be held on Saturday, August 27th, in Columbus, GA. This is the Democratic Party’s time to highlight our amazing slate of candidates, adopt our party’s platform and adopt resolutions that represent who we are. All statewide candidates will be in attendance. Make your plans now to run for a delegate spot.